What’s keeping me up at night?

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I can’t sleep. I’ve tried everything and my mind isn’t comforted, my racing thoughts only seem to float to the surface. It’s almost as if they’re fighting to be acknowledged. Okay, fine, I give in. I start paying attention to these thoughts, and I started to sense a pattern.

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Spiritual Hugs on Halloween

I had the most beautiful experience last night as I lit a candle in remembrance of my Grandma Candy. I'm not pagan, but I thought their celebration of Samhain is a really beautiful concept. So I decided to light candles and reflect on my dead loved and the things I'm thankful for, and what I [...]
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What to do with my hands?

How to stop biting my hands?

I’ve always felt very awkward about my hands.  I just don’t know what to do with them most of the time, and my hands often betray me by exhibiting my emotional state. Want to know how I’m really doing? Just look at the state of my hands.

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Don’t Call Me ‘Girl’

“In a culture where women are underpaid, are striving to make inroads, we should pay attention to how we address one other.” – Bonnie Greer, playwright and author I am not content with being called a girl. Especially at work. As a grown woman, I expect to be treated as such. 

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