Personal Advice on Becoming an Empowered Woman

personal advice on becoming an empowered woman (1)

We are all worthy of living a fulfilling life. That was something I wasn’t aware of a few years ago. In this post, I’m sharing with you how I’ve honored my own empowerment to change and take control of my life.

  1. Pay attention to your feelings and honor them. Your feelings are your inner compass and your own personal truth. If something feels wrong or unfulfilling, don’t ignore your feelings. Recognize them, allow yourself to sit with them, and then dive into them to uncover why they’re there.
  2. Question everything. What you want, what you don’t want, how you feel about everything in your life. Be honest with yourself, answer from your gut. Accept what comes, and try not to judge it. Write it down so you can remember and reflect. This is the turning point. Unless you are real with yourself and accept the feelings and thoughts that come to you, you can’t know for sure what it is that you need to change and you’ll remain perpetually stuck.
  3. Have the courage to fall apart. “Keeping it together” is denial and an act of betrayal toward yourself. True strength is being transparent with yourself and the world. This also means having asking for help from those you trust and letting others be there with you and to see you in your raw moments. Also, remember to be gentle and understanding with yourself.
  4. What you want and think matters. Realize that you deserve just as much happiness as anyone else. Open your mouth and speak up more, because what you think and have to say are important.
  5. Learn from the experience and make a plan for change. All of this is for nothing if the lesson is lost and patterns repeated.
  6. Create boundaries for your life. Write them down. Update them as often as needed. Write a list of things you will not accept in your life. This is for you, not anyone else. Respect yourself, abide by them.
  7. Invest in yourself. Build your savings account, improve your skills, grow your knowledge, find a support network, carve out time for personal discovery. Do whatever it takes to commit to change and keep elevating yourself.

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  1. Love this blog post, especially number 1. As women, we often get told we are crazy or over-emotional which only worsen the fact that we are dismissing one of the most important parts of ourselves. We were born intuitive and we need to honor it, control it, but honor it.

    Keep up the good work!

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